The Office of the Environment of Corsica has been working for many years to promote the island’s unprotected rural heritage: dry stone walls, cultivated terraces, fountains, chapels, ovens, etc.

In Corsica, thanks to the commitment of the Office of the Environment, dry stone techniques have enabled tourist areas to create a structured offer at the economic and cultural level.

Corsica suffers from poorly controlled tourism which is difficult to graft onto a collapsed traditional economy. In this context, the initiative of the Office of the Environment is aimed at better integrating tourism by promoting and sharing a heritage that is otherwise at risk of being abandoned.

The concept of “Heritage Trails”, short discovery routes with high heritage value, makes it possible to  involve villages where visitors were previously only passing through.

These trails make it possible, at the village level, to link together strong elements of the heritage using different themes: history, ethnography, architecture, botany.   This is the best type of tourist investment because of the strong links.