A Series of UK recognised qualifications in dry stone walling 

The Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain Craftsman Certification Scheme, run in conjunction with Lantra Awards, offers a series of nationally recognised qualifications in dry stone walling at Levels 1 (Initial), 2 (Intermediate) and 3 (Advanced).  Full details of the scheme are available in the Craftsman Certification Scheme booklet available on the DSWA website: www.dswa.org.uk 

Residential training courses

If you already have some dry stone walling experience and are looking for a career in dry stone walling or just want to improve your skills the DSWA offer a 4 day training course aimed at preparing you for taking our Craftsman Certification Scheme qualifications. A Test Day is usually held at the end of the residential course. The courses are held at the DSWA National Training Site near Milnthorpe in Cumbria. For more information contact training@dswa.org.uk

South West Scotland Training Courses

Our courses take place over a weekend and provide an opportunity to learn from experts the art of drystone dyking (the Scottish term for dry stone walling). The branch usually offers 3 courses per year at different locations across South West Scotland including Beeswing, Gatehouse of Fleet and Girvan. The courses are ideal for anyone who would like to ‘have a go’, either because they have a  dyke that needs rebuilding or because they are considering dyking as a hobby or a new career option.

During the course the participants will be given the opportunity to practice in all basic skills involved in taking down and rebuilding a drystane dyke (this is the term used in Scotland to describe a dry stone wall). By the end of the course they will have completely rebuilt a section of dyke and should be able to repair gaps in walls and to construct short sections of new or rebuilt dyke after adequate practice. 

The course will be easily completed by a person of reasonable fitness but if you have any questions about the tasks involved do not hesitate in contacting us. 

The course costs £85.00 and will have places for approximately 10 trainees. They commence at 09.00am and finish about 3.30pm each day with food and refreshments provided. It will take place even if the weather is wet. The course will only be cancelled if weather conditions make the tasks unsafe.

Each course is led by a professional dyker who is a recognised DSWA Instructor. Highly skilled in the art of drystane dyking they will provide sufficient information and practical experience to be able to rebuild a short length of dyke.

Participants should bring with them good working clothes, including wet weather gear, protective footwear, gloves and goggles. All other tools will be provided.

Dates of courses available from the South West Scotland Branch DSWA website, including the contact person for enquiries. 

The branch also offers members the chance to attend practice days, to improve skills or perhaps work towards one of the certificates in dry stone walling.