4 Grada Dragodid

Civil society organisation dedicated to research and reactivation of dry stone building technique as the basis for sustainable development and environmental protection and the protection of material and intangible cultural heritage.

The association was founded in 2007 but its beginnings date back to 2002 when the first international drystone workshop was held in the village of Dragodid near Komiža in Vis. Today we operate in various localities along the Croatian coast – the headquarters of the association is in Šapjane near Rijeka, and the main workshop in the village of Petrebišća on Učka.

The main activities of the association are the organization and conduct of drystone workshops and conducting research on drystone heritage in collaboration with local partners, practitioners of drystone construction and experts in local traditions. You can read about our activities on our website below and the Facebook page, where we also share other news from the drystone scene in Croatia and neighboring countries of the eastern Adriatic.