Department of Town Planning and Housing, Ministry of Interior, Republic of Cyprus

The responsibilities of the Department include spatial and urban planning, development control, cultural heritage conservation, planning, coordination and implementation of urban and infrastructure projects, and implementation of housing policy.

The aim of the Cultural Heritage Conservation Section of the Department of Town Planning and Housing is the preservation of the cultural heritage of Cyprus.

Preservation policy includes the protection, preservation and rehabilitation of the architectural and cultural heritage of Cyprus, in accordance with the relevant legislation.  This is achieved mainly through the legal protection of special interest traditional/historic buildings /structures and trees and the contribution to the rehabilitation/conservation of Listed Buildings (management of financial and other incentives and monitoring of rehabilitation works)

The Department is also responsible for the protection of cultural landscapes and historic settlements. This is achieved through spatial planning and the relevant provisions of the Development Plans prepared in the Department. The Development Plans also include guidelines for the development of properties within their historic context or in cultural landscapes.