As part of the implementation of its management plan, the Syndicat Mixte (Joint Association) of the Grand Site de France(Big French Site): Conca d’Oru, Vignoble de Patrimonio (heritage vineyard) – Golfe de Saint-Florent developed a built agricultural heritage project called “Operation Dry Stone”. 

This project took place in two phases.  Initially, four students from the Montpellier School of Architecture under the direction of the service provider Sud Concept carried out  an inventory of the agricultural built heritage within the confines of the Grand Site. 

For two months, they surveyed the Grand Site in search of “Aghje”, “Casette”, “Pagliaghji”, etc.; Nearly 200 agricultural heritage buildings were included in this survey.  This inventory was completed by an analysis of each building which resulted in the production of technical sheets useful for the restoration of this heritage.

During a second stage, the Syndicat Mixte initiated a professional integration project involving the restoration of two “pagliaghji”  for demonstration and incentive purposes. The objective here was to report, by example, good practices (according to “the rules of the art”) in the restoration of a heritage sometimes neglected or unknown. 

In conclusion, this research (inventory and analysis), accompanied by a manual of technical recommendations that you will find below, coupled with a demonstration on site restoration project, must help everyone to undertake restoration and enhancement operations of  built heritage subjects left to the test of time, and often to human negligence.

Examples of Technical Sheets produced